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Bluewater Bay's Electric Ford Ranger

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Our member, tj4fa, was written up in the Beacon for his 1991 Ford Ranger conversion. The article is very good but appears to be print-only so this article will attach scans of it.

Excerpt from the article:
"Bluewater Bay resident Terry Forfa has built himself a lean, green electric machine. Last year, he transformed a 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck into an all-electric plug-in vehicle that gets between 70 and 80 miles per "gallon" of energy and has a range of between 40 and 50 miles.

Forfa said he started his project when gasoline prices were at an all-time high, and seemed likely to keep climbing. He decided to buy the old truck and transform it into a commuter vehicle he could use to get to and from work and for daily errands at minimum cost.

Great work, Terry!

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