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Hey guys/gals we just finished our first conversion ( mostly) but I'm having a really tough time finding a BMS I like. Mostly because it probably doesn't exist yet or I am just looking in the wrong places. Heres my complicated wants..
1. flexibility, we will be building cars with different and/or upgradable packs Need a BMS to accommodate growth.
2. Connectivity via Bluetooth or WiFi
3. GPS, we would love to monitor the cells and be able to use map features/MPH etc. (I feel that since the cell condition will be the number one thing to monitor, having a screen, Tesla like, that integrates some functions like this would be beneficial..if it doesn't exist I am willing to work with the community and manufacturers to make this happen.)
4. obviously active balancing
5. DC/DC I know this is likely far fetched at this point but having a DC/DC converter for 12v built in would limit yet more wiring and another module needed.

This is all fairly new to me so I appreciate your advice, knowledge.

BTW, our current build is 295v 72cell. With the BMS's I have found we will most likely have to run 4 packs 18cells @ 74v and 4 bms
I don't know of any BMS that has an integrated DC/DC converter, and it wouldn't make much sense for that to exist. You just have to buy another unit.

If I'm reading your post right, you have 72 cells in series, which is within spec for the Orion 2 BMS. BMSes only care about the number of series connections, not parallel connections. Orion sells up to 180 cell BMSes. If you want to run 4 packs in parallel, then you do need a BMS for each pack. Orion has a way to parallel the BMSes so that you only have one main BMS and then 3 satellite BMSes.

Orion has a module that you can buy that syncs over Wi-Fi to monitor cells and SoC.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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