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Hello all,

I just purchased two 7S Gen3 Nissan leaf modules for this build, and I'm looking for some BMS advice. The whole setup will be roughly 48V nominal, 14S, with a burst discharge rate I'm estimating at 200-300A. In terms of features here are my asks, in rough priority order:
  • Configurable upper/lower charge limits
  • Temperature cut offs
  • Ability to view cell voltage
  • Configurable discharge/charge limits
  • Simple start/stop control over a charger
This list is likely to grow/reorganize as I learn more, but these are some that jumped out at me. I've been eyeing the offerings by Daly, as some of their BMSs check a lot of boxes and have neat features like Bluetooth and cool accessories. I don't know what their reputation for failure/quality is however. I have a background in electrical & computer systems engineering, so a setup that requires some tinkering/DIY is definitely in the cards. I'd much rather build a system to meet my needs then spend a ton on a pre-made system.

Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated, I'll be monitoring this thread closely. Thanks!
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