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BMS replacement

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Seeking advice and help about BMS replacement.
I have an electric scooter, an e-Max 120s, 48v, 4000w.
Originally it had lead batteries but was converted to LifePo4 – it has a 16, 60A cells.

The BMS board is a (see photo):
  • HCX-PCB-D131A 120*80 24S 60A
  • HCX-PCB-D131C 120*80 24S 60A
I believe this a Bestech Power model.

The BMS board is dead but the scooter works and charges if I disconnect the BMS board.

I’m unable to locate the guy who has done the conversion several years ago and I'm still trying to find expert help here in Portugal but until now no luck. So I’m stuck!

Meanwhile, I’ve contacted Bestech to buy a new board. Their boards are custom made so, among other info, they’ve request the following information about my scooter:
  • The max continuous charge current and max continuous discharge current.
I’ve ask them to clarify and they’ve replied:
  • According to the following photo, I know the charge and discharge from the different terminal, but we don't know the exact current, so we can't provide another board to you, thank you.
Can anyone please clarify what they are referring to?
Is there a way I can determine this values?

Any help on this or advice on any other solution will be appreciated.

Vitor Pires
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Get on for "Lifepo4 smart BMS" You'll find lots of options.
Daly, JBD and ANT are all going to work well.
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