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Hi guys. I'm taking the plunge and converting a car!

About me:
First time converting. No mechanical background but I have a mechanical mind. And I've been studying EVs a lot. Happy to learn and experiment.

BMW 1989 525i e34 in good condition.
Stock Specs:
125 kW (168 hp)
222 N·m (164 ft·lbf)
RWD manual 5-speed

Acceleration: 0- 60 mph 8.8s; 0- 100 km/h 9.3s

Curb weight: 1540 kg / 3395 lbs

Car power to weight ratio net: 81.2 watt/kg / 36.8 watt/lb

Car weight to power ratio net:
12.3 kg/kW / 9.1 kg/PS / 20.2 lbs/hp

Goals for the vehicle:

Budget: cheapest possible but a bit better than crappy quality

Difficulty level: easiest possible but a bit better than stupid level. I will do most of it and then hire an expert to for the trickier bits

Range: Acceptable: 50-70km range. Happy: 80-100 km range

0-100 kmh acceptable 10 sec. Happy with 7 sec!

Daily driver with the odd fast acceleration at lights. 0-60km is important.

Also overtaking on freeway from 90-120km/h will happen rarely - but necessary.

I do go on freeways going 80-100km often. Anything above 130kmh is redundant

I'm aiming for future proofing. So if I upgrade the battery in the future hopefully the thing can accelerate faster and go further

I do want Air conditioning and full time power steering

So my thoughts on equipment:
Motor: Warp 9 is cheap, but I like the Kostov 9HV for more RPMs and less gearing

Battery power and weight: you guys probably can do the math far better than me. But hopefully as prices come down I can upgrade later. If I can get a basic calculation for my needs that would be good. And thanks!

Controller: Zeva 1000? For future proofing maybe the Evernetic solution 1? Zilla 1k needs all those extra bits that take it past the cost of Solution 1

That's me.

Also anyone know an EV mechanic that can help me out here in Melbourne, Australia?

Cheers guys! You guys are awesome!
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