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Bobman SL bedding spreader

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Started this back in the spring for a friend of mine. Originally powered by a Kubota diesel engine which isn't being all that reliable. Get's used for about 20 minutes a day in the winter to spread sawdust in the cow cubicles, so not great for a diesel but ideal for electric. The engine runs two hydraulic pumps, one moves the vehicle while the other powers the sawdust spreader.

We are about half way through at the moment after some delays over summer, still planning to get this running by December.

The plan is to use a Jungheinrich forklift motor to power the pumps, with a Curtis 1323e controller. I messed up a little bit with the controller selection as it's only a 24v controller for the 28v motor. But I think it should work fine still.
Most of the delay over summer was trying to source the programmer for the controller, this is still causing issues as the programmer is not connecting to the controller. For now I am going to wire it up and just see if the motor will spin.


Currently have the adaptor to connect the pump to the motor 3d printed for a test fit which went well. That now needs to be made in aluminium.

Plan for the next couple of months is to get the motor spinning with the controller and sort out the controller programming issues. In the meantime my friend is fabricating the motor mounts so that once I get the electronics sorted we can swap it pretty quickly. Initially we are going to run it with a couple of car batteries just to see what the power draw actually is before making up a lithium pack to suit. The lithium upgrade will go in next Spring.
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Little update on this. Been down a couple of times in the last few months as we worked on mounting the motor to the hydraulic pump. Last weekend we got it moving and managed to do some initial testing with the car batteries.
We found that the car batteries available to us were not really suitable for the task. At full speed and sawdust spreading the motor pulled around 130amps. The battery voltages were sagging under load so they will be replaced with some Lifepo4 batteries that have been locally sourced.

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