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Bolt Truck not Leaf Truck

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Spent some hours crawling all over every electric and hybrid I could.
I was wrong. My time spent fabricating a small truck has to yield a viable product.
Winner is the Chevy Bolt. Started looking seriously about 2 weeks ago and I will post my purchase.
Might take a while or could happen today.
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GM says two Chevy Bolts caught fire after getting recall fix ...
and from the chevy volt forum:
Someone needs to invent a CarBQ Xtractor. An approx. 7 foot x 14 foot metal plate with say 6 small wheels (3 per side) that sits on your garage floor and you park your car on top of it. When it detects smoke/fire, it unlocks the wheels, activates the built-in garage door opener, and performs the preprogrammed extract routine: say back the car out and stop after 30 feet (with simple camera/sonar sensing while moving looking for obstacles). For EV's, it could even have a charging post where the tray has power receptacles: you plug your power into the tray and then your charger into the receptacle in the tray. That way the tray could mechanically kick out the cord going to the power at the wall and still extract the car (with the charging cable still attached).
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