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Mild Hybrid design question-
Has anyone seen or heard of adding an Electric Motor between the auto transmission and tail shaft (or at rear differential?), powered by a smallish battery pack? (simply assisting with 10-20km trips)
I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Challenger (Shogun/Montero etc other names around world; basically a Triton 4wd wagon) and would like to think its economically feasible perhaps to do this.
Electric motors are always getting smaller now and this idea may go a long way to elongating older cars lifetimes if you think about engine stress and fuel prices etc. I plan on keeping my baby for long while, hence the economic feasibility.
You'd assume the biggest hurdle will be finding a suitable electric motor (~20kw) with enough power, to fit in that tight space? (perhaps modify floor pan..)
I'd be keen to hear any ideas or leads to help make this possible.
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