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Bottom balancing and charging E-golf NMC cells

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Hey all. I have a acquired some Li-NMC cells for my EV project out of an E-golf. I am excited to switch from my current lead acid set-up.

About the cell :
Manufacturer : Sanyo/Panasonic
Nominal Cell Voltage: 3.6 V
Maximum Cell Charge Voltage: 4.1 V
Minimum Cell Discharge Voltage: 3.0 V
Capacity: 25AH

I want to bottom balance my pack first. Most of the info I am finding is for LifePo4 cells which have different characteristics (specifically voltages).

So for these cells, what is the voltage that I should discharge each cell to?

3.0 V?

For charging - what is the max voltage I should charge to?

I plan to only charge to 80%. I was thinking the range from min to max ( 3v to 4.1 v ) is 1.1 volt. Therefore 80% of 1.1 volts is .88volts. Therefore charge to max 3.88 volts per cell.

Or is there a better formula?