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Brand new (Never used) EV Parts at discount prices: Thundersky,Curtis,Warp9

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Dear All,
6-8 months ago I had decided to convert my Daihatsu Charada to electric. I had bought all the parts, ripped the car up and got it completely ready for retro-fitting.

Unfortunately, I have hit some financial problems and was unable to use the components in my car. They have been lying in their original packaging for about 4-5 months now.

Since there is a decent amount of money invested into this, I was wondering if I can sell these components back to a purchaser in the US. They are brand new. The component list includes:

1. 90Ah x 40 LiFePo4 batteries (Price: $4000, Selling: $3000)
2. Elithion BMS (Price: $1900, Selling: $1200)
3. Warp 9 Motor (Price: $1700, Selling: 1100)
4. Curtis 1231 Controller (Price: $1500, Selling: $1000)
5. Allbright reversing contactor (Price: $600, Selling: $400)
6. Elcon PFC Charger (2Kw) (Price: $600, Selling: $400)
7. Speed Sensor ($50)
8. SOC Meter ($100)

These are all brand new. I keep testing the battery level and its been stable at 3.4V which people tell me is good voltage for storage.

I can obviously provide a good 'used' discount for the above which would make it worthwhile for you to re-import them back in the US and cover part of the shipping.

I can send hi-res photographs, meter readings etc if interested.

Thank you
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great prices, but controller/motor are too big for my next Suzuki Swift! I hope someone else with a project ready to start can help you out.
If you are a car enthusiast like I am - 'too big' is never a problem :). I have another EV with a 6.7" motor and have driven another 96v swift and they both were TOO sluggish. I wanted to put this in my Daihatsu Charade which is about the same size as the Swift. Think about it - you are probably getting a 120V system at the cost of a 96V one! The only difference is that minor alteration may be required for the tire rods (since you'll need to reposition the transmission). I think its totally worth it :) (sales pitch)
In my case I can tell you for fact that a 9" motor would require some fairly major re-work of the rear-center transmission mount that also holds the CV joint. The just isn't enough clearance for more than an 8" motor in the swift.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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