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dear all,
6-8 months ago i had decided to convert my daihatsu charada to electric. I had bought all the parts, ripped the car up and got it completely ready for retro-fitting.

Unfortunately, i have hit some financial problems and was unable to use the components in my car. They have been lying in their original packaging for about 4-5 months now.

Since there is a decent amount of money invested into this, i was wondering if i can sell these components back to a purchaser in the us. They are brand new. The component list includes:

1. 90ah x 40 lifepo4 batteries
2. Elithion bms
3. Warp 9 motor
4. Curtis 1231 controller
5. Allbright reversing contactor
6. Elcon pfc charger (2kw)
7. Speed sensor
8. Soc meter

these are all brand new. I keep testing the battery level and its been stable at 3.4v which people tell me is good voltage for storage.

I can obviously provide a good 'used' discount for the above which would make it worthwhile for you to re-import them back in the us and cover part of the shipping.

I can send hi-res photographs, meter readings etc if interested.

Thank you
i am trying to build a ev for the first time if you still have the parts contact me
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