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Break booster for ATV conversion?

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Ok, originally I was looking for a electric disk break setup, but found they don't really work or exist... It's for my son's atv conversion, and it already has a disk breaking system with a master cylinder... But it's really hard for him to pull effectively... So, what I was thinking was maybe a break booster exists that could work here... Much like a car or power steering to help with breaking... Anyone know a product/part I could use for that? Also open for other ideas if ya got them.

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If you just use a smaller-diameter master cylinder, the rider will need to apply less force - but through a longer stroke - to have the same braking effect. It's the hydraulic equivalent to leverage.
I thought about that, but he can barely reach it now with the current stroke length. I even tried to build a leverage mechanism, but that didnt come out to great either.
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