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brusa nlg513 tripping house mains circuit breaker

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Hi all,

The main power incoming supply RCD tripped tonight, narrowed the offending item to the brusa nlg513 charger i have got fitted to my env200 van as an extra charger to give me 32 amps charging.

The brusa charger has been previously working very well since its installation 18 months ago.

On examination of the brusa in the car i did notice a black wire broken on the ampseal plug. obviously the pin is still in the connector, and the connecgor is still plugged into the charging socket, i cant see where the pin was located in the ampseal connector. Id appreciate some advice on where this wire should be fitted.

I can see that the reason why the brusa was rippping my house supply though, but im not sure.

Cant take a photo yet, its too dark now, but ill upload a few pics tomorrow.

Any help great;y appreciated.

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All fixed.

There was a wire that was broken on the entrance to the ampseal connector, the black 12 neg wire. The wire wasnt shorting against any other wire or against any metal.

dont know why this wire would cause the charger on start up to trip the house incoming electricity mains RCD.

I made good the wire and re inserted it back into the ampseal connector, tested, all working ok.

Drama over, all working and charging fine now.

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