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Brushless motor for 600kg electric car

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Hi all,

Excuse my poor english, it's not my native laguage ;-)

In the past 5 years I made an electric conversion on a small Fiat 126 :
  • motor Agni 95R 72V
  • Controller Kelly KDH-E72801

The car is funny to use, I rode 3000km with, but with the numerous slopes in my country, the motor is not powerfull enough.
If motor current goes over 230A continuous (=30Nm), the brushes burns...

Now I want to change the motor for a Brushless one.
The specs I'm searching are :
  • Brushless inrunner with fan
  • 72V (64-82V)
  • Speed 5000rpm
  • Power 20kw continuous
  • Torque 40Nm @0-3000rpm continuous

The HPEVS AC-35 seems perfect for my use, but the budget with Curtis controller is too high (3500$)!
I would like to choose a motor for the use with Kelly Controller (which is cheaper and reliable enough for my needs)...

If you have any advice for choosing, or 2nd hand motor to propose, do not hesitate !
Thanks in advance !
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Check out the project and

Both are open source and both sell parts to convert OEM inverters into something that can power any motor. OEM Prius inverters are $40-150. The replacement brain boards from Johannes or Damien are $50-500 depending on how much of an assembled kit you want.

I'd definitely go that way.

I would not buy an AC-35, waste of money. Use an old forklift motor or buy an OEM transaxle from a hybrid (For, ~$100).
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