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Bucking Beetle - How does the Clutch Work?

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I've got a 1971 VW Bug with a 72v system from Wilderness EV. All is well electrically but it suddenly started bucking violently on hard throttle (which is a relative term for this slug). It seems to happen in any gear by 1st and I'd describe it as what happens when you let the clutch out too quickly. But there is no clutch! All the Beetle forum ideas talk about adjustments to the clutch cable.

I have replaced a clutch on a regular IC car and know how it works, but I don't get what's going on with the EV where I just let off the throttle and shift. Any advice would be appreicated. :confused:
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Wow, is that earlier coupler for real? I wouldn't dare sell something like that to the public, even if it's properly centred and works, aesthetically it just screams crap!:mad:
The first one has an issue much bigger than looking like crap. It appears that the clutch hub spline was *welded* into the adapter. That will pretty well destroy the hardening and make the splines prone to failure.

That second one I really like. Some people decry set screw hubs, though I have used them without issue, even the White Zombie used one when it ran the Kostov motor without a transmission.

I went a little different route on my clutchless VW Beetle hub. I used a Ruland CLC-18-18-F shaft coupler and had a spline insert made from the input to mainshaft coupler from a VW Bus gearbox.
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