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This is on Ukranian sidecar motorcycle AC-30 motor (older confirmed model of AC-35)
On first throttle sometimes it starts smoothly and other times it bucks like it is getting power and quickly shutting off and powering again. The most recent thing I added was a Hall effect throttle for controllable Regen hooked to brake pedal. This is when it started exhibiting this behavior.
no faults showing in software
I tried turning off brake input in software no change.
when I disconnect signal wire (17) from hall effect brake throttle bucking goes away.
I checked with Bill at HPEVS and he confirmed I should be wired correctly.
Hall effect throttle as Brake input:
pin 26 for 5 volts
pin 7 for ground
pin 17 for signal (pot2 wiper)

I tapped into 7 and 26 at the encoder connector. brake input (Regen) works like it should.
Any help or ideas of things to check is appreciated
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