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Build NMC pack - which cells?

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I'd like to build a NMC pack with cells of 15-35 Ah. The Samsung SDI 37 Ah cells could probably also work great, but as far as I know, impossible to buy. There are a few vendors, though:

* WINA has NMC cells of 12 or 14 Ah ( Unfortunately, the cell terminals are for welding, and I don't have any welding equipment.

* Sinopoly has some nice cells (SP-NA26148AM-27Ah on However, I've failed to find anyone that actually sells these (yet).

* Melsen also has cells, but in pouch format, which I think is a little bit impractical. Could perhaps use this product: . But seems a little bit expensive, and some more work is required to get something robust.

Any more ideas?

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