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Building A Diesel Electric Hybrid Conversion Kit

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Hello all.

This is my first post to this forum so please excuse this post if it happens to be in the wrong section. I am currently in the design and early building phase of a Diesel Electric Hybrid conversion kit for cars and trucks and I am looking to see what kind of market is out here for this kind of product. I have very customized parts that will enable me to compete and beat many true EV conversion kits (I know, blasphemy).

Diesel engine is going to be a twin cylinder, water cooled, turbo charged, intercooled, 0.8L diesel engine. The engine already meets EPA Tier IV specs. Max rpm is 3600. The engine is further enhanced by several scientific technologies (like engine coatings, ect...). Looking at 50 miles per gallon minimum fuel efficiency. Other technology is being created to increase this above 60 miles per gallon.

Generator will be 12kw to 15kw and will produce all power required to cruise a vehicle at 90 MPH at rated fuel efficiency.

Using a permanent magnet motor, 3 phase, 120V AC drive assembly with an IVT (already in negotiations with company for rights). Total electric motor power will be 20KW nominal, 40KW Max. Also going to integrate the gear train into the electric motor for an IVT gear motor, though this is in the advanced stages of the kit. Also considering a Warp11 with Solitron controller.

Battery pack is small, 4KWH, and only used for acceleration of the vehicle. Considering ultracapacitors, but they seem expensive when you consider the load balancing and charging electronics needed. Regen breaking captures braking energy.

As I build the prototype, I will update this post with pictures. My first conversion is going to be a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse, converted to a RWD via the GSX rear end. I blew the engine and decided it was time to follow my dream.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions if you have any. You can follow me through my website as well if you so choose;

Thanks in advance,

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Using the heat of the sun to make steam and turn a turbine is much better than solar panels IMHO. This can be done much cheaper than solar panels. A 7kw solar panel set runs 24k+ while a 12kw steam turbine/engine set up is only about 10k with the same or better efficiency.

You have got to be kidding
You will be very lucky to get 12% with a small steam turbine

Besides I have seen some of the guys talking about solar at $1 a watt - or $7k for your 7Kw solar
And that does not include the maintenance associated with all of those bits spinning around
Hi Green

This site was listed on one of the other threads

Looks good - I may think about some for me - after I get my damn car on the road

Turbines are very efficient, pushing 75% in many cases,

The MAXIMUM efficiency you can get out of a heat engine is related to the input temperature and the rejection temperature
Max eff = 1- (T-cold/T-hot)

T-cold has got to equal/greater than ambient + a bit - call it 320K
T-hot ~ max 640K
Gives 50%

to get to 75% theoretical you need 1280K input temp - at that temperature Titanium is starting to get a little soft!

Little engines and turbines don't come anywhere near those efficiencies because of heat loses and friction
Big ones (multi megawatt) can come closer to theoretical efficiencies but anything past 40% is simply not doable

The 75% you have seen is probably 75% of theoretical so for 640K hot and 320K cold it would be achieving 75% of 50% - 37.5%
A big turbine with re-gen can probably get close - a small one - no way!
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