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Building a drag car using an mg zt

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Hi all iam new to the ev self builds ive got a 2003 mg zt 180 auto with the v6 lump now what iam hoping to build is abit mad ive had this idea of keeping the engine upfront for the time being but have a rear motor powering the back wheels iam thinking tesla motor maybe but not quite sure what motor to go for . Now my plan is pretty much to use this motor to boast the performance so I can do some drag racing and put some silly power to the back wheels the question is could I use some kind of super capacitors to power the electric motor and charge them back up by getting the tesla motor to drag on the v6 engine to put energy back into the capacitors so I could use the tesla motor to boast the performance again ? Iam not after using the motor to power the car all the time just as an aid for performance for the drag strip 🙂 look forward to hearing to what people think and what type of motor or root I should go down to achieve this goal by the way iam a big fan of all things ev and have in the past converted a petrol quad to electric so will be getting rid of the v6 engine one day but wanting on batteries to come down in price and weight included a picture of the car in question 🙂