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Building a rear steering wheel for an Electric Snow Thrower Conversion

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I am combining the auger and chute from a Toro snow thrower, with the wheels, motor, transaxle and wheel-frame from a golden companion mobility scooter, in order to make an RC controller snow thrower, similar to the one in this video

Unfortunately I am limited by what I have, so I cannot replace the single motor and transaxle with two independent motors to support differential drive.

Therefore I have to add steering support by attaching the third/steering wheel from the mobility scooter behind the frame in a reverse tricycle style, and attach a servo motor to that wheel somehow, which will turn the wheel left/right thereby supporting the steering of the overall vehicle.

Please see the photos below for the idea and current status. I am able to bind the frame with the auger with no issues, and the batteries and motor driver (not shown here) are also fulling working.

My question is about the best way to attach this reverse tricycle wheel and servo.

I am a software engineer during the day so getting this far without learning welding has been a real challenge. I intend to learn how to weld in a night school program that starts in the winter semester, but I am hoping to continue my progress before then and possibly redo the whole thing after.

When I start thinking about the design of this I know there will be a standard bolt through a C shaped bracket around the wheel which has the bearings already in place. But then I get a mental block! Any help is appreciated

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You don't say what the idea is or the objective of this contraption
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