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Building my first electric Drain Jetter

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Hello, so I wanted some different opinions and views on my project

I work in drainage, I have a petrol drain jetter can pack on my van. Current spec is a Honda GX630 petrol engine/ Interpump ws202 (200bar/21litres per minute)

I want to build A new drain jetter/pressure washer but with lithium ion batteries.

can anybody help advise me on the most suited BDLC motor and battery’s required.

so far I have found a 15kw bdlc motor that can be run with 72vdc.
The batteris supplying the motor will be from victron energy Google (HE lithium ion 25.6v 200ah)
I was looking at purchasing 3 batteries (25.6v and 200ah each) but connected in a parallel/series. These 3 batts would provide me with 15kwh (5kwh x 3)

do I need to compare the NM torque of Honda to specify the bdlc motor im looking at (golden Motor/EVMotorsport) are the two websites selling what seems to be suitable alternatives?

really appreciate if anyone can reply their views and if I’M on the right page.

A company called RIONED in Holland have built an electric drain jetter that has 6x 25.6v 209ah batteries in a series and it lasts all day. I only need something to last 4hours a day. And they have given no spec on the Motor they use.

tney are charging £80k plus for there machjne. The HE 25.6v 200v batteries are 3.7k each so I know it’s going to be expensive but I’m confident I can buiof for significantly less.
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The flow rate and pressure need about 14HP, so your motor sizing may not be too far off. But that depends on the RPM the motor power is rated at.

You need to back into the pump RPM for your flow and pressure specs to determine the rest. Like if you need reduction pulleys...
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You need the torque curve for the BLDC. It may only be good for 5kW direct drive at 1450RPM...
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It's not spec'd to run all day - not sure what gave you that idea:

"3000psi @ 13gpm (200 bar / 60 lpm). It is ideally suited for use in city centres where strict emission requirements apply and in areas that are completely or partially enclosed.

* * *

With fully charged batteries, the unit can handle up to 6 unblocking operations or run continuously for 60 minutes on full power."


So, you know their continuous flow and pressure spec, which sets your motor size. You also know it runs for 60 minutes on full power on a 30kWh pack which verifies your motor size if you back out pump and motor efficiency.

Their price includes their margins, so of course you can build one yourself for less, especially since there's not much scale for these. Most businesses make more on their time than paying for something that has a warranty and service, and recognize a bodge with downtime a few times a year would have paid the cost difference.

edit: they have two strings of 24v 200Ah batteries that it appears they select, so your statement of 3x is not quite correct. They have 6x as 2x 3s.
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Nope, sorry - your project. Pay me for my time and the $84k unit will look cheap 🤓

I just jump in here to take a break from my own stuff and to stir up thinking, challenge thought processes, offer opinion/advice with minimal effort, provoke dialogue, and to stir up the occasional hornet's nest 😂 for fun. Oh yeah...and to gang up on Brian now and then 😈

Seems pretty straight forward. You have the diagram and everything they use/spec. Lots of knowledge here to nudge you, but here everyone does their own heavy lifting.
There are calculators online that compute motor power if you feed them flow & pressure. I gave you the numbers from those. You can also back out the motor consumption knowing they can run for an hour on their pack and that the batteries in their pack are 24V 200Ah each.
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