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I don't know if anybody else would be interested. But, IAAI (Insurance Auto Auctions) has a bunch of Azure/Ford Electric Transit Connect Minivans up now.

They seem to be mostly in West Virginia and New York. Bright yellow colored. Some have (or had) DHL stickers, and they may all be former DHL vans.

Some minor damage, but they seem to be largely intact. Some with keys, some without (presumably new keys could be made).

Buy-it-Now prices range from $4,000 to $8,000 to $31,250 (someone went a bit bonkers with that last one).

The auto auctions are a bit annoying. Membership fees, deposits, etc. If you can't bid, then there is a group of brokers which you pay extra to use that will allow you to make the purchases. Expect around $1000 of additional fees on top of the bid price.

I've purchased two of the Azure vans at auction. The first one had a blown "Wake on Charge" module which I'm attributing to using a rapid charger on the battery. They are a little annoying, but can be fixed for essentially zero cost.

My first van had the main battery pack with a partial charge, and was able to be recharged back to the full factory original 80 mile estimated range.

I'm still working on the second van, I think also with a blown wake on charge. It appears to have a severely discharged main battery which is a concern.

So far, the Azure vans seem to be well made early commercial EVs. But, the company went bankrupt a decade ago, and support is limited. Other than the wake on Charge module, there have been reports of issues with the BMS system.
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