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Greetings all
I'm a retired disabled veteran with a passion for EV especially high performance cars, race bikes, and heavy equipment. I'm also very optimistic about the Zunum electric commuter aircraft.

I'm convinced rooftop solar will power the world vs municipal power plants and that free energy is our future (screw OPEC, Russia, Mexico etc).

My plan is to find an older highway coach bus and convert it to total EV power. Probably not direct drive due to the complexity. No regen because this bus will spend all it's time on the highway or parked. So I'll find the biggest motor I can (probably 500 hp or so), and learn how to put it all together myself. I'll keep a gen set to recharge as well as solar panels on the roof and a mobile array I can store in 1 of the storage bays.

I hope to build my own battery packs from used laptops and toys. Also from salvaged cars but those are in high demand.

As EV becomes more available I hope to upgrade to faster charging equipment but I need to be very, very frugal at this point. I don't have deep pockets and I can't afford to make expensive mistakes. Everything will most likely be used and recycled from heavy equipment etc.

My vision is to have a nice, comfortable EV bus I can drive 600 miles a day and recharge by plugging in or using a generator and solar panels. I drive a lot at night so daytime charging would be advantageous.

I've been lurking some time now and thought I'd register and join the conversation during my research phase. Thanks for this great resource and for sharing all your vast experiences and wisdom.
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