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CALB 130ah cells

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Anyone know of a good source for replacements?
I posted about 3yrs ago and actually purchased some. Well, it's only now that I actually needed them, one ended up being a dud and now I have more I need replaced.
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I know mixing capacities is probably a bad idea, but what are the major drawbacks of mixing in a couple of new 200ah cells with a 130ah pack?

would they just not cycle to full SOC ? I could balance them a little high even.

Any advice or experience would be appreciated. I think I'm up a creek with 130ah replacements, nowhere to be found.
Never heard about CALB with the capacity of 130ah, there are the models of all CALB Batteries
A guy with 1 post has never heard of them? lol.
They exist. They were apparently not that common, but the barcode label indicates 130ah. If I remember correctly, and it's been about 6 or 7 years, some of them were sold as 100ah batteries. They're the old blue style and the same size.

I purchased the pack used and then found another gentleman who I purchased more spares from loose.
If I remember correctly back that far, the 130's where what was built and shipped as 100, the buyers were pleasantly suprised when they got the 130's. Pretty sure you could use the 200s if they can output the required currents without overheating, which was another debate back in the day, and I seem to recall that there was a position requirement.
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