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CALB CA's high resistance

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I have a pack of 45 180AH cells 4-5 years old
one cell is 2.75 mohms as reported by the Orion BMS 3 others are over 1.0 mohms. The rest range from .43 to .8 Anybody else having this issue?
That high resistance cell threatens to shut down the car because it goes so low.
voltage reading from a fluke meter measured directly at the cell matches the orion reading.
Do I buy a new cell? look for an older cell with lower resistance?
Any ideas?
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My thoughts on this, not knowing details of the pack?

LFP is a safe chemistry, but with the Californian summer coming, the 2.75 mOhm is too high for reliable operation.
Replace it with a cell that has a low impedance, but there's no hurry.

If it had been any other, dangerous chemistry, f.i. LMO, NCA, NMC: DON'T DRIVE OR CHARGE, GET THAT CELL OUT NOW!!!
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