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Can i build on this budjet?

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I have a vw bug body. I would really like to build an ev from it but don't know if i can do it on my budjet of about $4000.00.
I need it to do highway speeds, at least 65 mph, with a range of at least 60 miles. I am hoping to find a salvage Nissan Leaf for batteries but want to obtain most of the other stuff first so the batteries wont be just sitting around degrading.
I have the ability. I can weld, ive worked on cars, I'm a licensed electrician.
What kind of motor could i use, what controller, ect. Is this budjet possible?
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Is this budjet possible?
If you buy a salvage Leaf and use all the components then it should be possible to undertake a conversion for $4000.

We have a thread on reusing the Leaf here :)
I'm doing a Beetle conversion with the carcass from a Chinese knock-down EV and I'm shooting for $1500-$2000

Gonna be soooooo janky. Hoping to have a little fun though.

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