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The chevy Volt battery module (24V and 48V) are really good.
I you put your hand on a chevy Volt battery you will have access to two 24V modules and six 48V modules.
It will be easy to reconnect some modules to obtain a 67V nominal battery with 6 kWh of energy. This only imply to play with M6 nuts and busbar /wires.
The other 48V modules can be complex to split in 24V modules, so a good idea can be to reuse it for another application or sell it.
The dow side of this solution is that your range with 6 kWh of battery will probabaly be around 15-25 miles only.

Another interesting solution is to use 20 modules (7.4V each) coming from a first gen Nissan Leaf. This will shift your nominal voltage to 74V with 10 modules in series and two in parallel.

In any case you will need to learn about lithium cell. How to used it and how to charge it.
It's not complex, but it's dangerous to ignore it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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