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Hello. It is with a little sadness that I won't get to run this puppy, as it is the Cadillac of BMSs, but I have decided to go with a different system. It really has some great features.

I have a 36 cell Orion BMS with harness, CAN adaptor, Current Sensor and crimps for the transducer inputs. All has been hooked-up and "tested" (we could read cell voltages and current).

Total cost on all this would now be $1065.50 so I'll take $865.

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Still available, make us an offer. It is configured for 36 'cells' as I was going to run it with 5 Tesla Modules.

We decided not to run it because instead of one battery box, we will now have two and don't want to run the cell taps the length of the car. That-said, it would be perfect for a build where you have a 5-pack of Tesla modules.
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