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Can someone tell me if these forklift motors are any good?

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Hello all, I work at a forklift repair workshop and my background is mainly mechanical but I am very interested in EV's and would like to build my own EV and we are about to scrap a few Electric forks at work (stand on style ones)

Ive only had a chance to have a quick look at the motors so far but we are going be stripping the forks down soon and ill have the chance to grab one.

So at this stage just wondering if there is anyone on here who can let me know which motor is the most suitable / suitable at all from the bunch.

Also how does the power rating work on these? ie one's ive seen on forklifts range from 3-10kw but this would not be enough power to move a car at acceptable speeds. So is this just a rating given to the motor at the forklifts Volts and amps but the motor is actually capable of much more with more volts / revs?
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There is a whole thread on selecting forklift motors - well worth a read

As a general rule a stand on forklift will not have big enough motors for a car
You are looking for something 9 or 11 inches in diameter and weighing from 70 Kg to 110 kg

I'm using a 10kW Hitachi motor - but I'm feeding it 400 kW
I'm a wee bit more extreme than most people
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