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This is a lithium pack that I have picked up. It is a nominal 48VDC and appear to be 60 -75ah.
I have installed some in two Solectrias to load test them and they seem to be working fine. No hard data yet. Been busy with customer Priuses.

These packs came to us as new in factory crates, with no ID other than what is in the photos.

Can anyone tell me what these are used in?
I suspect Ford Focus EV's, but have no clear photos of those cells from online.

The multipin white plug is reading the voltage at each cell for a BMS as well as the temp sensors.

Tom in Maine


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Here is a picture of a complete 16kw battery pack as found on the Chrysler.

Here is a link to a Recall for diodes for the same car.
The link is not intended to spread rumors as to why the batteries are available.

Anyways, I hope they turn out to be a good set of batteries. I ordered 45kwh of these for a 16S solar system. They are in the mail. I would gladly take any information anyone has on them. Cheers!
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