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The main problem I see is that CAT6 cable and connectors cant handle the constant vibration and mechanical shock associated with normal driving.

You will constantly be tracing down loose pins and broken wires after the first month.

I strongly recomend sticking with DOT/Automotive rated wires and connectors.

Automotive wire is more flexible (vibration resistant)

It's easy to identify automotive rated wire , it will be rated at 32 volt

The wire is insulated up to 300 volts but will be listed as 32 volts for two reasons.

1. An old style 24 volt alternator maxes out at 32 volts.

2. They dont want people using this wire in their houses because it does not meet residential code. ( wire and insulation are not rigid enough )

Just remember that there is a reason the automotive industry went through the trouble of creating their own connectors.

I like the Bosch EV-1 series.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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