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i need some help.
Do any of you guys have experience with setting up and using a canbus network in a car that connects all major components (controller and chargers) and that can be monitored and programmed from an android device?
What hardware and software are you using?

Thanks for helping!

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Interesting question! I am definitely going to follow this topic.
Myself I have similar intentions.

Recently I have added my project to Github what I called ev-peripherals
It started as an Arduino project to control the speed of my Pierburg pumps.
Later on I added the idea of a remote control/monitor with my iPhone using Blynk. Have a working prototype of that but not yet integrated in the project just mentioned.
I must mention that I am not an experienced programmer so I need to and will either involve or hire someone to improve my coding in the end. I like the challenge of getting it to work but cannot develop 'production' quality.

Another idea is to add CAN-BUS functionality by using some kind of Arduino CAN-shield. I then want to take the Voltage and Current from CAN messages from the BMS and combine it with a speed signal of the GPS on the Arduino. That allows me to calculate energy consumption (in Wh/km) and broadcast that as a CAN message ultimately to be shown on a CAN display.
I want this to be a reporting and supporting functionality only.
I don't want my project to manage anything in terms of charger control or anywhere near inputs for the controller, etc. For example charger control I want my BMS and EVCC to take care of that.
But if I understand your question correctly that is what you are after in the end.
so to summarise: I'll be using an Arduino + GRPS shield + Blynk + CAN shield
And I am also looking forward to hearing what approaches others are taking.
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