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Took a trip to town tonight and on two hills I was pulling 250 amps or so for 20-35 seconds. I'm not sure the current cap technology can handle 125A for 20-30 seconds. Though any help would be better than nothing I guess. Just hate to spend a bunch of money for not very much benefit.
Ultracaps could do that much energy. They would be large and expensive. But could fit into your truck. And could be made to work well. But to give you some idea:

144V * 125A * 25s = 450,000Ws (or 450 kiloJoules). About 1/3 of what I used for that bus for the ultracap. In comparison, that 10,000uf cap stores 103Ws.

For the money, a lithium battery would be a wiser choice by far. Unless you plan to climb a million hills with truck :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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