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I am pondering adding another bank of caps to my S10. I added 10,000uf on advice of an engineer a while back. If any of you have any comments or suggestions on this I would greatly appreciate it because I know many of you can give me some good info.

The reason I'm looking to do this is that if I accelerate normally I draw 250-350 amps for about 5-7 seconds off my 144V pack. I know this EATS battery capacity , due to P (peukert) losses so usually I poke along and accelerate slowly, pissing people off along the way, which I don't care for. :( OTOH I don't like wasting power and shortening my range as well!

I was wondering how much capacitance I would need to split the current between the caps and the pack. This also would do the same thing climbing all these hills along my 11 mile commute that increases my amp draw from about 50A on level ground to 200-250A up a typical hill in the area.

I'm hoping to eventually power an EV with Supercaps if they ever become reality but for now I am planning on using conventional caps due to their voltage capacity. OTOH, I could parallel a super cap with each of my 24 batteries if I could get some rated at 8V or so.

Any comments or suggestions welcome!:D
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