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When I first went to mechanics school in 1961, we were told that the most efficient and cleanest burning ratio for gasoline and air was 15:1.

With all of the advances in ignition, fuel injection etc. you would think that the gas mileage would be great on modern cars and trucks.

But it is hard to gain mileage when you have to put:
Power 6 way seats, heated seats, a/c, power door locks, power windows, power rear view mirrors, power steering, power brakes, a divided heater system and the rest of the "comforts" that we all seem to expect.

We drove 1955 and 57 Chevs across Iowa before the freeway (80) was complete and we got 25-28 miles to the gallon or better.

Our new GMC can't seem to get 12 without a trailer behind it.

Our cars ran around 3000 rpm @ 65 mph. The modern cars run around 1200 rpm 65 mph.

My 57 Chevy 3/4 ton truck could run rings around my 84, even with the overdrive 700R4 in it, as far as mileage.

If you up the compression, like we used to be able to do, the cars were better, but the emissions got worse. So they knocked down the compression to keep the pollution down, but we use more gas to do the same job.

There doesn't seem to be a happy medium.
Bigger cars, less mileage. Smaller cars less sales.

Just demanding fuel mileage isn't the answer.

Looks like it up to us to bring EVs to the forefront!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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