The Cascadia Motion IM375 electric motor is now available and is in brand-new condition, making it the perfect solution for your high-performance project needs. With a peak power of 400kW (537hp) at 700Vdc and a maximum torque of 580Nm, this motor is designed to deliver exceptional efficiency and performance. Built using the advanced CM350 inverter and HVH250 motor core, the IM375 is a robust and reliable choice for your project needs.

In addition to its impressive performance, the IM375 also features several integrated features such as an oil pump, water pump, and oil cooler, ensuring optimal operation and longevity. The shallow sump depth of 170mm from the shaft centerline to the bottom and compact design of only 300mm in axial length and 424mm in total height make it an ideal choice for space-conscious projects.

With a maximum voltage of 850Vdc (with CM350DZ inverter), the IM375 also boasts auxiliary ports for optional external oil connections, enabling increased low-speed continuous torque. Furthermore, it provides transmission connection bolt patterns including 6-bolt 'Cascadia pattern', 16-bolt 'Remy pattern' (e.g. SR309 gearbox), and 4-bolt Porsche G50 pattern.

This unit was from a project that never was completed. We were about to start the assembly and the client decided to discontinue the effort. The motor has never been installed and is in brand-new condition. Buyer is responsible for shipping.