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CCS charge port: extending the HV DC leads

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I have a BMW i3 charge port, complete:

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It transitions from unshielded to shielded HV cable within ~4"/100mm:
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I need to extend the HV leads a considerable distance, on the order of 6'/2m, to a HVJB. I'd like to avoid an additional junction box that would merely contain HV connectors for extending leads.

I see that both this BMW i3 and the Tesla Model S Charge Ports use shielded leads, and I'm wondering it this is needed, or desired. I'm having trouble imagining when there would be significant EMI when charging. DC from EVSE -> DC battery . . . what would cause EMI on these leads?

What have others done to re-use existing JY/OEM CCS Charge Ports and extending the HV DC leads?
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