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CCS DC Charging On-board Controller or BMS

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Hello, all!

Nissan has recently announced switching to CCS for the future cars, and current CCS chargers can charge with the power of up to 150kWh vs. CHAdeMO - up to 50kWh. Though new revs. of CHAdeMO can compete with that, it will take time for them to win the market back and to upgrade all of the existing stations.

I see BMSs (ex. Orion 2) with the CHAdeMO integration and well as other DIY solutions for the same. No info on the CCS on-board solutions, though.
It seems like there're a lot of forums asking for this dating back to 2015-16, so curios, is there still nothing out there for private EV converters to implement CCS charging in the cars? 馃檮

Thanks in advance.
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There are a few possibilities, and some people are working on potential solutions (Orion is also). The main issue is that CCS requires Power Line Communication while CHAdeMO relies on the car's native CAN. Essentially, you'll need a separate, distinct module to enable CCS charging.
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