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CCS DC Charging On-board Controller or BMS

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Hello, all!

Nissan has recently announced switching to CCS for the future cars, and current CCS chargers can charge with the power of up to 150kWh vs. CHAdeMO - up to 50kWh. Though new revs. of CHAdeMO can compete with that, it will take time for them to win the market back and to upgrade all of the existing stations.

I see BMSs (ex. Orion 2) with the CHAdeMO integration and well as other DIY solutions for the same. No info on the CCS on-board solutions, though.
It seems like there're a lot of forums asking for this dating back to 2015-16, so curios, is there still nothing out there for private EV converters to implement CCS charging in the cars? 🙄

Thanks in advance.