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I've produced another batch of Cell Log 8 Breakout Modules, using exactly the same design as the first batch.

Board dimensions are 3.4" x 7.62" (the RJ45 connector sticks out slightly past the board making a total dimension of ~7.875).

The boards are fully assembled including all connectors and relays. The Cell Log 8's are not included. The alarm connector (pigtail) that comes with the Cell Log 8 is required for alarm use and plugs into the connectors on the bottom of the PCB. (if desired the alarm wires could be soldered to the connector pads on the top of the PCB).

The Cell Log 8's require some extra securing method to ensure they stay in place during use, IE double sided tape, "velcro" etc.

There are multiple methods of interfacing with the Cell Log alarms and some of them are described further on my blog:

I will have a wiring diagram shortly for the RJ45 connector, but it is also described on the blog and is very simple to wire up.

If you can find one or have one, the head end board from MiniBMS works perfectly with the NC loop used here.

This leads to the pricing:

1-4 boards $90.00 US each
5-9 boards $85.00 US each
10+ boards $80.00 US each

Shipping is free within Canada and to the lower 48 in the USA. For other locations please inquire.

I have 10 boards assembled and a total of 60 on hand.

There is a seller on Amazon that has Cell Log 8's in stock. (I have no ties to them and have not ordered from them so don't consider this any kind of endorsement).


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