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I'm working on electric motorcycles and smaller EVs that use 125-150V batteries. From what I can find out, the CHAdeMO and CCS DC quick charge systems have a low voltage cutoffs of 200V and 250V, respectively. If this is the case, is there some convenient way of charging my batteries with these systems? A high power DC to DC converter? An on-board charger that accepts the DC quick charge? It would be great to keep the 100A + charging ability, if the batteries could handle it.
Difficult to recommend any particular solution without knowing more about the vehicles. For example, if you are already planning for a high power onboard charger, choosing one which accepts DC input sounds like a good idea. But otherwise, a non-isolated buck converter is probably as good as it gets wrt price and performance.

I suppose there's no way to reconfigure the battery pack for example into two strings that could be paralell during drive (125-150 V) and serial during charge?

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