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CHAdeMO tester

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Hello, I'm new to posting on the forum but I read quite a bit of the interesting projects and discussions.

A friend of mine is working with installations and maintenance of charging infrastructure and we came to discuss that he encounters the issue of completing an installation with actual charging.
The thing is that he can bring a car with either CHAdeMO or CCS (not both) so we came into the discussion if it's possible to build a neat tester for CHAdeMO or CCS (or both).

I've seen that it's possible to buy this kind of equipment but they are very expensive.

From what I've read so far is that CHAdeMO would be easier than CCS. Is that so?

I haven't found any forum-threads where this has been done before.
So I was hoping for some good tips here and perhaps in the end being able to build one for my friend to try out.

In the end my hopes are that it would be something like a box he could bring in his car.
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I had a thorough read-throug of the DIY CHAdeMO and looked through all of the Youtube clips on the Land-Yacht (and more).
I read all documentation about the JLD505 and went throug the code and installed the needed Arduino Libraries.

I found an outlet from a 2013 Nissan Leaf on a scrapyard nearby so I went and bought that.

So next step would be to get the hold of a JLD505 or if they are not avaliable build one. Any tips on that?
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