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Charge 8 Volt (8V) Battery with 12V Charger?

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I've got a set of fifteen 8 volt US Battery 8VGC XC batteries purchased from a local supplier. The sales guy said they were special ordered with automotive terminal posts for another EV conversion, but the buyer backed out. I have an uneasy feeling that they may have been sitting in the warehouse for a while.

They each show about 8.25 volts. Is this an OK level?

I have a 1 amp 6V/12V motorcycle battery charger that I'm thinking of hooking up to the batteries individually just to keep them topped off so they don't have to sit idle any longer.

This thread ( mentions using the 6 volt setting, but I don't think that will have enough "push" to charge the 8 volts.

I've read on few other sites that using the 12V setting is OK as long as they don't have too many amps boiling the batteries over.

So the main question is: will briefly (30-60 minutes each) using the 12V charger setting on these 8V batteries hurt them?
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Very helpful comments, rmay635703. I put the 12V charger on one of the 8V batteries for 45 minutes, and it brought the charge up to 8.35 and it seems to be staying there. I decided not to try to go all the way with the charging yet. I will try your 24V smart charger idea as a way to do a few at a time, fully charged.

If anyone else has any thoughts on the matter, I'd love to hear that as well.
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