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Lots of details to go, and the last 20 percent always takes most of the effort, but here are some happy pictures for the (re) conversion of my 1981 Rabbit Caddy.

The Batteries are strung...


The Charger and BMS await hookup....


And the Details are taking all the time now, like how to get the J1772 to fit behind the filler door ...

fabricating the mount took a day...

And the ABS splashguard another half day ...

But the start of the final wiring can now proceed!

Final custom fabrication is a terminal post for the traction battery to charger and controller. This connection will be running 400 amps and I have been using 1" x 1/4" Copper 110 for busbars. Is ABS plastic OK to insulate this? Thinking of using a 5/16" stainless bolt with 1" air gap to elevate the Bus Bar above the plastic. Stainless is a poor thermal conductor, and was going to allow an inch from first connection to support. How hot do these things get in routine usage? I do have an IR remote thermometer to check things out once they are up and running but no experience other than looking at a lot of images and they all seem full of thermoplastic or nylon for the base insulation material.

Thanks to all for their help, especially Rush Dougherty of TucsonEV for crimping the J1772 cable for me!




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