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Chargepoint CT2020-HD-GW1-CCR vehicle charging station

$400 + shipping, local pickup will be better considering the weight.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio

Two 30A/240V , 18' charging cords.

I test it and it's working, it has scratches because it wasn't packed properly for shipping, but it doesn't affect functionality.

I installed one at my house for my electric vehicle, I connected just one of the plugs to a 40A circuit breaker and the station it's still working, just showing a fault for the other plug.

You need to install the Chargepoint App on your phone, and with the app you can start the station and also order a free chargerpoint card from the app that can also be use to start the station.

CT2020 Family Specifications
Electrical Input
Input Power 7.2 kW (x 2)
Input Voltage 208/240 VAC
Input Current 30 A (x 2)
Input Power Connections Line A1, Line A2, Earth, Line B1, Line B2 (two independent 40 A branch circuits, each providing Line 1 and Line 2, and a single protective Earth conductor)
Required Service Panel Breaker 40 A double pole breaker (non-GFCI type) on dedicated circuit (x 2)
Standby Power 7 W typical (not including LED light fixture)

Electrical Output

Output Charging Power 7.2 kW (x 2)
Output Voltage 240 VAC (x 2)
Output Current 30 A (x 2)
Output Charging Connector SAE J1772 EV Connector on 18’ (5.48 m) cord (x 2).


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