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Re: Wanted: Charger to replace K&W BC-20

Hi All

I'm trying to find a charger(preferably used good quality) to replace my great but no longer working K&W BC-20 charger! I am having trouble finding something similar. This is for a DIY converted EV (1962 MG Midget) with 8 12v deep cycle battery pack(96v) Ideally the replacement has an auto shutoff feature (along with bulk and trickle charge modes)

any and all suggestions appreciated!

I have a bunch of 1500watt, and a couple 3000watt chargers that I need to liquidate. Most are preset for various voltage lead-acid charge curves, but they can also be reset to Li. I'm pretty sure I have one set to 96v.... and I'll beat any advertised price for retail you send me. email me direct, or send a message here on the Forum.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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