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I‘m in the final planing stages of a baywindow VW T2 conversion. I need to buy all components with CoC => CE to bypass EMC testing ($$$).

I had in mind to implement CCS (Combo 2). But I haven’t found a after sales/ conversion part which can be implemented. Damien’s Tesla BMS project looks nice but the approval will be the problem with the test agency over here.

So I ended for now with Orion BMS 2 (CE, FCC and ECE R10-05 approval) with Chademo for DC charging (travel) to be extended with an AC charger (@ home/ keep alive) for AC charging. Battery system will be 250-300V.

Any other suggestions? Have I missed some important BMS/ Charger products? I need to finish my concept to discuss it with the test agency. Thanks for advice or idea.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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