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hi everybody..

if i have a solar system of 3000w, and a usable light time of 6 to 7 hours, am i able to charge a 2 gen chevy volt unmodified pack during this period?

i see many project with chevy volt battery re arranged in other configuration.. but in this case i'm talking about a standard chevy volt pack of 18kwh (14 usable)

if i hook up a standard chevy pack to a charger connected to this kind of solar system should i be able to charged within this light time of 6 to 7 hours?
What are the specs on your solar panels - and how many do you have?

From what I have gathered from the internet, the standard Volt pack is a 355 Volt assembly, and offers 14KWh usable power. Dividing 14,000 by 360 (a nice round number) produces a current of 38.88 Amps (40 in round numbers) - which would charge your pack in one hour. Dividing that by 6
gives a value of 6.66 Amps - not far off from what you would expect from a typical 75 Watt "12 Volt" panel. . So to produce 360 Volts you would need 30 12-Volt panels connected in series. You might get away with less than that, since the open circuit voltage of typical 12 Volt panels runs around 18 or so.

Were it my project I would figure out by trial and error how many panels I would need to achieve the desired current, then connect them directly to the battery (no regulation), and charge away! I would carefully monitor the process the first few times, then put the whole shebang on a timer as appropriate. I would, of course, include a suitably sized fuse in the circuit -
in case things didn't go as expected.

Would it work? I think so. I may try a much smaller version of the idea on the 48 Volt pack I am using for my scooter project.

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