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Charging my Yaris from my Solar Bank

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Aloha, All. I don't see why I cannot charge my new Yaris from my electric grid. I am off the grid and run my plant totally on solar, including welding grinding cutting paint booth etc, so I can designate 12x195W panels and an Outback MX80 controller to run at 60V (up to 80amps) and the car is 240V. Seems I could break it into 4 banks of 60x4 and charge the 4 banks @ 60V each for 1-2 hours each, but How to do it?

I would want a fool-proof way and not have to manually switch each bank to be sure I do not do a +to- short.

Maybe here are a couple solutions that may work??
Some kind of master switch that can disconnect four terminals to isolate the 4 banks (that are normally in series) and simultaniously connect the four banks to the charger and all 240 at the same time?

Ideas? thanks

BTW here is the Yaris I bought
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There must be inverters capable of taking in 60VDC and putting out 240VAC to run a normal ev charger, but obviously there would be an efficiency loss there.

Alternatively if you were to wire the solar bank in series to output at least 120VDC and then use a charger like certain manzanita models (PFC20?) that can be configured to run directly off of DC and anywhere from about 80V to 400V on the input side then you might not need to do any series/parallel switching in the car at all or in the solar array and you might not even need the solar charge controller since the manzanita should easily be able to handle anything a 2KW, 120V unregulated solar array can output at it. Only question to ask might be if anything bad happens to the charger if solar output voltage goes too low. I'm sure the mazanita guys would be happy to give their thoughts.

If you still want to be able to hook the solar bank back in with the rest of your array, some series/parallel switching on the panels themselves should be plenty feasible, or just put two 1KW, 60V inverters in series, each on 1/2 of the array (presuming their outputs can be wired in parallel)

good luck.
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