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Charging On The Go...

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I hate to burn gas, but if I wanted to drive more than 40 miles, would it be acceptable to install a generator to power my Manzanita charger which would charge the batteries as I use them, or should I convert the generators ouput to DC 144V and send it to the pack? Or should I just use the gas burning thing sitting in my driveway?

I notice the voltage reads below 144V as I accelerate, and wonder if that would blow the Manzanita if it were charging while the pack was in use.
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The only range extender that I've heard of that actually worked pretty well, was one that took a DC motor, made it operate in regen mode, coupled with a fueled engine (I think diesel) and feed the power directly into the traction pack.

Does anyone else remember reading about that sort of setup? It seems like they used two motors of the same size/type. One for the propulsion of the vehicle, and the other in regen mode as a generator. The beauty was the fueled engine ran at it's most efficient RPM constantly.

A general purpose A/C generator will not keep up with the energy you're using, but it might be used to recharge over a longer time period, just not much if any, while driving the EV.
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